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TS Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Fall Reg Season 2020

TSYFL 2020 Fall Season

TSYFL established in December 2011, and having completed two spring seasons in 2012 and 2013, Texas Select enters its 8th Fall Season.  Texas Select continues to be at the forefront in providing a platform of a higher level of youth football. Since its inception in 2011, TSYFL has prided itself on providing a platform of dignity, and setting a higher bar as a league that others have since chased.

The 2020 season brings expansion conferences in Central Texas, Far East Texas, Houston, and the PetroPlex of West Texas..  TSYFL will field a Dallas, San Antonio, Ft. Worth, PetroPlex, Houston, Far East Tx, and Central Texas conferences.  The season may kickoff with two additional conferences that are in the works.

"This is the Next Level. Texas Select is the Elite League for Elite Teams, the Only Level Higher is High School Varsity".