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TS Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Regular Season 2019

TSYFL State Championship Scores

The 2019 TSYFL State Championship consist of teams from 3 conferences. Conference San Antonio, Conference Ft Worth (TEYSL**), and Conference Dallas (DFW Select**).

Flag Champion - DFW Ravens  (DFW Raven 25, BC Spartan 0)

8U Champion* -  AC Cowboys (NTX Mustangs 46, AC Cowboys 0)

*During certification the Mustangs only had 11 of the 14 minimum playable players, therefore a forfeit. The AC Cowboys chose to accept the forfeit.  Mustangs agreed to play anyway.

10U Champion* - BC Spartans (Arlington Apaches 0, BC Spartans 12)

*During certification the Arlington Apaches did not have Tx State ID's, therefore the game is a forfeit.  The Apaches presented TEYSL league ID's. The BC Spartans chose to accept a forfeit.

Note: During discussion at the game, a parent of a Apache player showed in a BAND message to the organization from TEYSL that they were told of the rule well in advance as to the requirement of State ID's or U.S. Passports or Military dependent Id's for Texas Select State Championships.

12U Champion - Mansfield Bucs (Mansfield Bucs 22, AC Cowboys 0)

13U Champion - NTX Cowboys (NTX Cowboys 12, Predators United 6)

League rules require that a team must have 14 playable players to advance to playoffs. (this is to insure that should 2 or 3 players get hurt during the game, that the game can continue with 11 players)

** - TEYSL and DFW Select are independent leagues separate from Texas Select YFL.  TEYSL and DFW Select have their own rules in place that they follow. Both independent leagues enter TSYFL as two separate conferences, but affiliate with Texas Select YFL to play beyond a local championship. The 2 independent league winners play for a regional championship and the winners advance to State vs San Antonio Conference champion(or runner-up).

Both independent leagues agree and understand to advance to regional, that they must now conform to Texas Select Rules. This information is provided at the beginning of the season to each of the 2 Conference Presidents (TEYSL and DFW Select), who provide this information to the President/Owner of each organization playing within their independent league. It is up to each organization President/owner to relay this information to its coaches and parents.

This collaboration is not new, this is the 4th year that this State championship has been collaborated with independent leagues from the DFW area.

TSYFL Fall 2019 Season

Texas Select YFL San Antonio Conference will kickoff its season on September 14th at Brooks Collegiate Stadium. The DFW Select Conference will kickoff its season on September 7th.

Parents should already begin getting player physicals and State ID cards.

Coaches and volunteers should begin their certification process.  Trusted Coaches is handling the process of certification of all coaches. The certification process includes background check, first aid, USA Football, and Safe Sport Act.

Teams and orgs. should follow the USA Football practice guidelines and heat acclamation.



Team Registration

TSYFL is still accepting teams for the 2019 Fall Season.  Flag, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, and 13U.

San Antonio Conference Champs will vie for the State Championship vs the DFW Select Conference Champs.