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TS Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Regular Season 2019

TSYFL Spring 2019 - Game Day March 2, 2019

TSYFL is accepting teams for the 2019 Spring, and Fall Seasons.

San Antonio Conference will begin March 16th.

For the 2019 Spring Season, Texas Select will offer a "developmental division".  Teams or orgs who feel they are not ready for the "select" level, but prefer the structure and offering of Texas Select can join the "Texas Select Developmental Division" (TSDD).

Teams in the TSDD will follow a majority of the "select" level rules, yet play against only teams that are also in the development stage working towards moving to the "true select level" of Texas Select.

Spring 2019 Registration

TSYFL is now accepting teams and organizations for the Spring 2019 Season.

Teams may be placed in either the "Select Level" or the "Developmental Division (D2)" or both.  Rules are slightly different between the two levels.

Registration forms are available on the "Forms Page". Use the tab on the left menu bar.

Age groups are Flag(age 4,5,6) 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, and 13U.  Age as of date is July 31st 2019.

Hockey fans, In celebration of Hockey Week Across America share your #FirstDayOnSkates on Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win!See Entries