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National Association of Youth Sports Certification

COACHES WHO ARE NEW TO THE NYSCA TRAINING (Self-paying for their membership)

Football Coaches, Cheer Coaches, and Volunteers who are new to the NYSCA training will need to complete the Coaching Youth Sports section of the NYSCA Online Clinic PLUS the sport specific portion of the clinic.

To complete the training:
1. Go to
2. In the top right corner click on SIGN UP
3. Under COACH click on JOIN NOW
4. Review How It Works and click to GET STARTED
5. Select a sport - "Football, Cheer, Official"
6. Enter the required information on the Contact Information Page
7. Select your chapter’s name – "TEXAS SELECT YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE INC"
8. Payment Page - $20 Initial Level Membership – CONFIRM
9. Select MEMBERSHIP LENGTH (discounts offered when extending membership) - PROCESS
10. You will receive a confirmation email with a link that will take you directly to the CLINIC MENU
11. Click on GO TO CLINIC
12. Review each section of the Coaching Youth Sports Clinic
13. Answer the 15 Review Questions
Note: You will receive your results with an opportunity to correct your answers.
14. Read and acknowledge Code of Ethics Pledge - SUBMIT
15. Once back on the CLINIC MENU, select the sport you registered for – GO TO CLINIC
16. Complete each section of the sport specific portion of the clinic
18. Answer the 10 Review Questions
Note: You will receive your results with an opportunity to correct any incorrect answers.

Upon completion of the Online Clinic, you will have instant access to a personalized Member Area which is one of your member benefits. Please be sure to take advantage of all the benefits offered to you as part of your membership. If you prefer to access the Member Area at a later time, go to and log in with the email and password used to log into the NYSCA Online Clinics.

You will receive your membership card in the mail within 7-10 business days.

(800) 729-2057• NYSCA@NAYS.ORG • WWW.NAYS.ORG