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Coach and Volunteer Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications for Coaches and Volunteers

Beginning with the 2016 Fall season, TSYFL staying up with the changing times has enacted a more stringent qualification to coach or volunteer our youth in football and cheer.

We are now using "Trusted Coaches" to perform the background check, Safe Sport Certification, first aid, and USA Football Certification.

Each person age 18 or older wishing to coach or volunteer with a team or organization which has signed with TSYFL  will need to meet the minimum requirements.

  1.  All Coaches and Volunteers must consent to a background check, and be approved that they do not meet any of the "Disqualification Criteria".  Visit the Background Check criteria below.
  2. All non-Coaches and Volunteers must also certify with National Association of Youth Sports annually.  Visit the NAYS tab to the left for more information.

 All Coaches and Volunteers who are unsure of their "background" should first proceed with a background check prior to submitting for the NAYS certification. Please review the 'Disqualifications" below.

Note: Volunteers include: team moms, team managers, team assistants, photographers, videographers, first aid, and any person who will be around the minors who is a volunteer of the organization.

All Coaches, Volunteers must comply and have the above items on file in order to receive a TSYFL "Field Pass"

Coach/Volunteer Fees:

(Updated March 9, 2021)

Persons who are a Coach, Volunteer, Board Member etc. with an organization or team that is registered with Texas Select YFL must complete the following, and the fee for such.  (Background checks, USA Football, and Safe Sport Act of 2017 are Calendar year, rules certification is each season.)

COACHES/Volunteers - Background Check, Safe Sport Act of 2017 course/certification, First Aid - $35.00 (Coaches will also need to certify with USA Football "Heads Up" $15.00, a separate link will be provided)

NAYS Certification (Volunteers/Board Members/Non Coaches) - $20.00

New is the course for the Federal mandatory "Safe Sport Act of 2017".  All persons; be they volunteers or payed employees of a team, club, organization, association; be they a coach, team mom, board member, etc. must be certified. The Safe Sport Act certification is included in the fee for the background check. (the Safe Sport Act dictates that certification should be had prior to any interaction with minors). The background check, Safe Sport Act, USA Football Certification, and First aid are all administered via the "Trusted Coaches" website. All persons who have completed the cert/courses via Trusted Coaches will be listed as "Trusted Coaches" on the Trusted Coaches website and visible for all to ascertain who is a "Trusted Coach".

(Trusted Coaches is a service which is independent of Texas Select YFL and USA Select NYFL, any and all fees that are collected by Trusted Coaches is for the service they provide)


COACHES/Volunteers, the cost to complete the Trusted Coaches program for the 2021 season will be $35 (credit card only).   This program includes the following courses:  

  • Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  • Trusted Coaches Child Safety Training:  This training is based on the standards set forth by the Protecting Youth Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017. 
  • First-AId for Youth Coaches/Volunteers
  • (USA Football Certification is a seperate fee of $15, the link will be posted below and is required of all coaches)


The Link for Trusted Coaches Certification is right below in blue with arrow.

CLICK HERE for TRUSTED COACHES Certification 2021

Trusted Coaches certification process includes national background check, Safe Sport Act compliant certification course, and first aid course. Fee:$35