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Central TX Conference - Killeen, Copperas Cove, Belton, Waco, Temple. Justin Hartsfield - Conference Director

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DFW Conference Page 2022 Season

Click to go directly to the DFW Conference Page for 2022 season.

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Fall 2018, TSYFL to be featured weekly on the ROKU Network.

USA Select Channel on ROKU


GAME DAY - Players, Parents, Coaches

IT IS Imperative that we maintain STRICT ORDER through out the activities of the day.

Everyone must do their part:





Anyone displaying unruly behavior will receive one (1) warning.

Anyone continuing to display this type of behavior will be ejected from the Entire Property.  Refusal will result in ARREST.

Please enjoy yourselves but let's remain CIVIL.

The Route to State

TSYFL, is a Select league and NOT Rec.  The route to state encompasses teams from around the State of Texas.

Select football is aimed at the ELITE level of players and coaching, thus fewer select teams than recreation teams.

The different larger metro markets have a greater number of players to choose from, or Elite level.

Are some teams in Texas Select not on the elite level yes, but it is a stepping stone to get there and recruit players to build a select team.

TSYFL has seen its share of clubs and/or teams pass through for a season or two, then leave for a recreational league and play for a recreational national championship, all the while they continue to build on the foundation of a select team, yet playing recreation rules and games.

Here are the 3 reasons 99% of teams who leave TSYFL:

1) Look for an easier route to a championship or try to leap frog to a national championship of a league or non-league national;

2) Unpaid ref/league fees, or owes vendor violation (non payment);

3) Breach of rules.

TSYFL Cheer & Dance 2021

TSYFL adds competitive Cheer & Dance to 2021 Fall Season.

Teams will vie at TSYFL State Competition, winners will advance to USA Select National Cheer & Dance competition.

SAFE SPORT ACT OF 2017 - Must Read

On February 14th, 2018 the Safe Sport Act of 2017 was signed into law.

The Act is Federal law and must be followed by all teams, organizations, associations, leagues, camps, combines, tournaments, trainers, coaches, team moms, etc. regardless of the sport.  All sport related activities that involve youth up to age 18, regardless of duration, must comply.

The law requires that ALL volunteers certify in a Safe Sport Act course and receive a certificate of completion.

To be in compliance with Safe Sport Act law, TSYFL partnered with "Trusted Coaches" and has bundled the Safe Sport Act certification course with the "Background Check" and "First Aid".  The bundle will be $25.00 and includes the background check, First Aid, USA Football Certification, and Safe Sport Act certification course.

The Safe Sport Act requires the certification of volunteers to be completed prior to any participation with youth athletes.

Any person who is volunteering in any youth sport that does NOT have the Safe Sport Act course certification is in violation of Federal law.

(Any volunteer, regardless if with Texas Select YFL or not, is welcome to use our link to the Background Check/Safe Sport Act course so that they may be in compliance with the law. Click on "Coach/Volunteer" on the left menu bar. Persons who do not have the Safe Sport Act course are subject to civil and and criminal liability)

This is a must watch from the 2018 USA Football National Conference.  Make sure and watch Chris Carter (at 20:00) as he speaks on football.

Player Injury Insurance and Facility Liability Coverage

Teams should never be without Player Injury Insurance, moreover Facility Liability Insurance.

Texas Select YFL allows organizations and teams to join Texas Select as an "Associate" so that they can take advantage of the low rates that have been provided to other Texas Select teams and organizations.

The teams or organizations will still play and follow whatever league they belong to, but as an "Associate" member they will have access to the insurance.  Policy is written by Wilson Sports Insurance Services, LLC.  Willow Park, Texas.

Flag age 4,5,6 is as little as $96 per team, tackle groups under 12 years of age is $220 per team, and 13 -14 is $290.  $25,000 accidental injury with $250 deductible.

Become an "Associate" of TSYFL for $25.00 per team.

For more information and email:

Helmet & Facemask Chroming (Discount Code: Texaselect)

The True Texas League

Texas Select YFL is the only "Age Based, No Weight Limit" Select league in Texas that plays for a league National Championship, not a "National Invitational Tournament" that even a team with a losing record can enter.

Other leagues around Texas have what they call a "State Championship", though it is really just their "league" championship.

Texas Select Youth Football League Inc. is a State member of USA Select National Youth Football League.  USA Select National Youth Football League is growing  with  States across America.

Play Towards A League National Championship

The Texas Select Youth Football League Inc. (TSYFL) is a service youth football organization whose purpose is to provide organized scheduling for member association/organization/teams and provide common age groups, and playing rules.  The costs, fees or moneys are nominal to becoming a member.   Each member association/organization/team maintains it’s respective autonomy over all internal decisions, fundraising, board of directors, etc. that may pertain to that individual association/organization/team.  The TSYFL coordinates schedules, league rules and tournaments, and pending member approval.  Each member association/organization/team involved with the TSYFL are Non-Voting members. A membership begins once registration is accepted, and is for the duration of the Season registered, and ends once the registered team/organization/association has completed regular season or playoffs, which ever comes last.

RULES - Texas Select Youth Football League will follow the rules of the National Federation of High  Schools (NFHS), USA Select National Youth Football League (USASNYFL), with  additions, exceptions and clarifications as outlined in the TSYFL Variance and Supplementary  Rules.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 1) Teams must have player injury insurance in addition to facility liability insurance; 2) All players must have Texas State ID Card, or Military Dependent ID Card, or Valid U.S. Passport (Birth Certificates are not accepted); 3) Coaches must undergo background Checks; 4) Coaches must be Certified by USA Football, non-coaches/voluteers must certify with National Alliance of Youth Sports; 5) Teams must designate a Player Safety Coach and complete USA Football Heads Up Program; 6) Implement the USA Football Practice Guidlines; 7) Players must have a yearly Physical.

These minimum requirements are equal to or greater than what Middle School and High Schools require. If your team or organization is willing to meet these minimum requirements, please send us an email.

If your NOT playing towards a League National Championship, your just playing recreational backyard football.